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Attorneys looking out for property owners when setting rates for water usage in Los Angeles

The attorneys at Bishton · Gubernick help homeowners and other property owners understand and participate in water company ratemaking in LA, insisting on a fair assessment of water rates based on realistic data and that does not unduly burden the rate payer.

An experienced Los Angeles lawyer for ratemaking can help you find meaningful participation

Water rates and other utility rates are set by the California Public Utilities Commission based in large part on information provided by the utility as to operating costs and capital investments. Participation by the public, the ratepayers, is essential to a process which results in fair rates being set. While public participation is an integral part of the process, the issues are so technical that the public is greatly disadvantaged compared to utility company insiders. Even the basic concepts of rate design require a high level of knowledge of accounting, finance, and economic analysis to understand what goes into rate-base and rate-of-return regulation. Balance sheets, income statements, taxes, depreciation, capital structure, costs of capital, cost allocation, and more all figure into rate design.

Beyond rate design, the rate setting process itself requires a familiarity with administrative law as well as courtroom litigation. As lawyers in Los Angeles who stay involved in the ratemaking process from start to finish, we are familiar with all aspects of ratemaking, from open records and open meetings laws, to the process for filing protests or appealing rate changes, to participation in rate case litigation at every stage.

Experienced Attorneys Personally Involved in Southern California Water Company Ratemaking

Understanding technical terms like revenue requirements and test year that go into ratemaking, and understanding the economic bases and legal basis of rate design, requires a level of familiarity with the ratemaking process that goes beyond basic legal practice. At Bishton · Gubernick, one of the firm's partners is himself in charge of a Homeowners' Association (HOA) on Catalina Island, making him personally very concerned and very involved with ratemaking for water companies, including fighting rate increases. A class action against So Cal Edison was recently settled on terms favorable to thousands of affected homeowners facing an 83% hike in their water rates after living through a 300% increase over the past five years.

From protests involving municipal utilities or investor-owned utilities to rate case participation before the California Public Utilities Commission, the attorneys at Bishton · Gubernick provide a high level of advice and representation to yield effective results. Contact Bishton · Gubernick for a consultation regarding your ratemaking issues.

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