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Lawyers providing practical advice and strong defense for lawsuits against dealerships in Los Angeles

The prospect of litigation is present in any business or industry. For automobile dealerships, litigation is simply an unavoidable fact of doing business. A dealership is a very unique business, in that government has taken a special interest in the transactions that occur between car buyer and dealer. Every line of an auto-related contract has been approved by the legislature, and car buyers who choose to sue the dealer on a transaction may find themselves with plenty of ammunition to present a case. As experienced Los Angeles litigation attorneys for dealerships, Bishton · Gubernick understands the unique nature of auto lease and purchase transactions and the level of scrutiny they come under. Business litigation is a business decision. Because litigation is a normal part of operations, it must be approached thoughtfully and with careful deliberation to keep costs and amount of litigation down. As experienced attorneys for dealershipswith firsthand knowledge of the industry, we understand how litigation issues fit into the overall picture and provide advice and counsel that considers all factors when dealing with potential or actual litigation.

Los Angeles attorneys handling the full range of dealership litigation

Disputes with car buyers are, of course, not the only type of litigation that automobile dealers may become embroiled in. Our experienced business lawyers handle every aspect of litigation that arises in the course of dealership operations.

Automobile Manufacturer Disputes

Manufacturers and dealers may encounter a range of disputes, from issues with a single automobile to conflicts which go to the heart of the franchise itself. From administrative proceedings involving the DMV and application of the Administrative Procedures Act to courtroom litigation, we represent dealers in all manner of issues with automotive manufacturers, including protests, relocations, warranty audits, and termination of franchises.

Employee Disputes

Like any employer, automobile dealerships can find themselves the target of employment discrimination claims, wrongful termination and other employment litigation whenever an employee is fired, disciplined or receives any adverse action. Although an employee may be discharged for a sound business reason, an employee who can make a claim of discrimination based on race, sex, age, disability, ethnicity or any other protected characteristic can quickly put the employer on the defensive, with serious money damages and other penalties for the employer who cannot persuasively defend its business decision.

Executive Disputes

Higher-level employees may bring wrongful termination and discrimination claims as well, including age discrimination and disability discrimination, as well as race and gender discrimination and other types of claims. Our experience includes representing dealerships as well as general managers or minority owners as well as lawyers for lawsuits against dealerships in LA. We advise and represent dealerships and executives in wrongful termination cases as well as the negotiation of executive compensation packages and buyout procedures.

Knowledgeable Advice and Representation from Lawyers who Know Automobile Dealership Litigation

For sensible advice and effective representation in an auto-related dispute, trust the law firm with firsthand experience inside the automobile dealership industry. Contact Bishton · Gubernick for a free initial consultation with one of our experienced dealership litigation lawyers.

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