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Attorneys for automobile dealerships in Los Angeles

The law firm of Bishton · Gubernick frequently serves as attorneys for automobile dealerships in Los Angeles and Southern California, providing legal advice and assistance in all aspects of dealership operations. As business lawyers with a particular emphasis on representing automobile dealerships, we provide a high level of service with attention to the particular operational issues unique to dealerships as well as those applicable to businesses in general. Our firm's transactional work includes advice and representation in all the following areas:

  • Acquisitions and sales of businesses
  • Real estate - leases, sales, and other real property transactions
  • Dealer agreements - handling all types of transactions in a manner beneficial to the dealer and that will also get approval from the automobile manufacturer or factory
  • Banking relationships - arranging financing and loans
  • Employment matters - employee compensation including hourly workers and commissioned sales people, incentives and more; wage and hour compliance; management compensation packages and other agreements between management and dealership owners

The LA automobile dealer lawyers at Bishton · Gubernick also provide general counsel services, offering advice and assistance across the range of everyday legal and business matters that automobile dealers confront. Our firm serves as general counsel for a group of dealerships, advising management in dealership operations and areas such as contracts, insurance, and tax structuring. Having access to general counsel services on an as-needed basis can help elevate your dealership and prevent problems from arising by ensuring that best practices are being followed with diligence and prudence, and that the dealership is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Practical advice and assistance for automobile dealers from attorneys who know the business

In a law firm co-founded by an attorney who has himself owned dealerships for more than 30 years, rest assured that your legal matters will be addressed by lawyers who also understand the business aspects of a dealership. When negotiating transactions or preparing documents, we are ever-mindful of the threat of lawsuits against dealerships which can arise with customers, manufacturers, employees and others. Litigation avoidance is just one important concern among many which must be considered when negotiating, drafting or reviewing contracts and other transactions. Contact Los Angeles Attorneys Knowledgeable and Experienced in Dealership Operations From help with a single issue or transaction to year-round general counsel advice and assistance, contact the automobile dealership attorneys at Bishton · Gubernick in Los Angeles.

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